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“Education is the only tool that liberates man from ignorant and perpetual slavery”.

As part of the organization policy to impart knowledge, it deems it fit to invite pupils and students from various schools in the state, expose them to the practical aspect of what they are being taught in school.

Shodex Garden is one of the pioneers of nature and environmental education and sensitization. Over decades, no fewer than Ten thousand (10,000) schools have visited the garden and the students were able to familiarize themselves with different species of plants. With the aid of experienced and competent personnel, the students can differentiate between different kinds of plants, such as medicinal plants, flowering plants, non-flowering plants, ornamental plants, air-purifying plants, etc. they were also been informed on the importance of good health and hygiene.

Additionally, the petting zoo in the garden enables the children and visitors alike to sight different types of animals. These animals include antelope, tortoise, baboon, monkeys, ostrich, crocodiles, monitor lizard etc. there is also an aquatic section inside the garden that houses different species of fish. Empirical analyses have shown that our children only see these animals on TV and in their textbooks. A qualified tour guide is always available to acquaint the children on the general behaviors of these animals.

The petting zoo is a place you want to visit another time.